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It's a marvelous thing to sell an advertising product that pays for itself! That's why we love this business. What other advertising does that?


Blue Ridge Impressions began more than 20 years ago as a rubber art stamp company. Then a friend asked me to make him some Nameplates for his shed company. This opened up a new world for us, and as they say, "the rest is history".

Lots of things have changed since then, but one thing remains the same - our commitment to meet your needs and provide quality products at a reasonable price. Whether that means small quantities to those who are just starting, or finding a heat resistant plastic for sheds in the desert, they all reflect our commitment to please.

We recently have introduced our new identiGrow brand for the nameplate business. We believe this reflects what we have become convinced of over the years, identifying your product really does grow your business. It has been our pleasure to provide a simple, yet profound advantage to the storage shed, furniture and manufacturing industry.

It is our goal and hope that you too will find in us, not only an economical solution to your advertising needs, but a true friend.


Jonathan Lee

Founder & CEO

Husband, father, business owner and now a minister, life has become anything but what I dreamed of 20 years ago. But life is good and God is faithful.

My wife Anita and I have two sons, Jeremy and Wendell. Jeremy is doing a Christian book route in the city of Balimore, and Wendell works with us here.

We help serve a little Mennonite church close to Stanardsville VA, which we are very grateful to be a part of.

Wendell Lee

Nameplate Specialist

Designing, accounting and taking care of Nameplate customers takes a lot of time while in the office. 

I enjoy good books, a well-made mug of coffee, and random obscure facts. In my spare time, I work a part-time job as a corporate pilot.


Blue Ridge Impressions, Inc.

Tel: 540-283-9193

Fax: 540-283-9194

PO Box 50

Port Republic, VA 24473

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